As a small business owner you may be wondering why you need a website, few questions maybe running through your mind like am not big enough, My business is still very young, My clients are not tech savvy, how will my website help my business to grow. You’re right every business man shouldn’t invest while return on Investment is not guarantor. All you questions will be answered by the end of this article.
No matter how big or small your company or business is you should have a website and below are the reasons why you should consider having a website.

1. You small business looks big online

Big business


First impression matter the most, to a prospective clients visiting your who doesn’t know your physical store will not have an impression that it’s a small business, if your website is well designed with good content you have already won the visitors heart.

2. Your business website remain open all day all night (Never closed)


Unlike your normal business life where you open in the morning may 8am or 9am and you close in the evening, You are tired you want to go home and rest till the following day or probably you have a family evening time and probably weekends are the only period you have to share with family in the case of a website there’s no opening and closing time if it’s an e-commerce website you can sell any time of the day no weekend no closing hour.

3. Access to global Audience

When you don’t have a website you limit your business to your local physical location.
In today’s World, there are almost no limits. You can reach markets and clients that you wouldn’t imagine before.
A website is available world wide this makes it possible for your business to target more than just your local area or city, there are no distance barrier, no geographical location barrier it’s a world of limitless possibilities

4.Get new clients

Expecting to lure in clients without a digital presence is like fetching water with a basket.
Search engine has made a lot of thing possible and more easier,millions people search for things on the Internet more than 70% of search engine users search for solution to problems or products and services, if your website is well designed with good seo you have higher chances of converting leads

5. Showcase your products and services


It’s easier and more convenient for your clients to browse through your products and services on your website than coming to your office, in fact if they come to your office it may not be possible for them to see all your catalog where as they use a search box on your website to find what they are looking for.

6. You can Improve your customer support

You can improve how you help your clients. You can have an online   chat, so clients that are on your website can chat with you real live, ask questions, request help or make an inquiry.

7. Compete with big company

Business competition

You may be thinking, how can i compete with them. They have an unlimited amount of resources, staff strength, financial strength etc.
Well, they may have big resources. But people don’t always look at that, and with a well designed website, that has the right strategy behind it, you will definitely Compete with them.
Your website can answer questions that big companies website doesn’t because they have become too big to realize that.
It’s important that your website is built for your ideal clients (you can have more than one). So it addresses them directly and visitors can relate to your content.

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