When talking about best Web design company in Nigeria, We are talking about Web design company that design with best Web design practices

There 2 basic problems with web design projects. 

Firstly, people start from aesthetics, then think about functionality, and then wake up to the fact “OMG, how are we going to get traffic, so better do some SEO!”. This process means people end up with beautifully designed websites, but virtually no traffic or conversion from their site. 90% of new websites projects we get involved with are replacing or redesigning an existing website, which in itself is evidential proof of our point. Most websites have gone through a back-to-front design process.

Secondly, everyone thinks they can design a website. What can be easier? Head to one of the Theme or Template sites, buy yourself a WordPress & Joomla theme for $60, and bingo, you have a website. Except that you won’t!

The time and effort you need to learn CSS, PHP, JavaScripts, etc. to make any theme or template fit your business, means it will cost you more in time than if you went to someone who knows what they are doing. Most “Self Made” websites are so blatantly obvious to pros that it is almost embarrassing. I have lost count of the number of project that has landed on our desk with owners who have started a project and decided it was too much. Now we have to clean up the code, restart the design the sensible way (from SEO & Traffic to Function to Design), which will mean more cost and time than if the owner came to us to start with.

The problem here is this. These days in most cases the Internet is your primary source of attracting customers to your business and in some cases up to 100% of revenue comes from the website. Your website is now probably the most important sales and marketing asset.

So why would you cut corners?
If you were a car racing team or F1 team, would you enter the race with the cheapest home-made chassis, engine, and transmission? What would your chances of a win against the pro-teams? Surely almost zero.

So why would you skimp on your primary source of sales lead and income? It is just bad business.

You can save yourself a lot of time, effort, money, and heartache if you just create a fully documented website brief and gave it to a professional to do it for you.

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